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Artist Song File Rating Instrument/Part
TAYLOR SWIFT "Mary's Song (Oh My My My text5.0(1) music notes
TAYLOR SWIFT A Perfectly Good Heart text5.0(1) piano and lyrics
Taylor Swift Bad Blood text5.0(1) Lyrics
TAYLOR SWIFT Blank Space text-(-) piano score
Taylor Swift Blank Space text5.0(1) Lyrics
TAYLOR SWIFT Cold As You text-(-) music
Taylor Swift I knew You Were Trouble text-(-) Lyrics
TAYLOR SWIFT I'm Only Me When I'm With You text-(-) music note
Taylor swift If This Was A Movie text-(-) lyrics
Taylor Swift If This Was A Movie text3.8(4) Guitar
TAYLOR SWIFT Invisible text-(-) Electronic
Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do text-(-) lyrics
TAYLOR SWIFT Love Story text5.0(2) paino
TAYLOR SWIFT Our Song text5.0(1) piano chord
Taylor Swift Red text4.8(6) Lyrics
TAYLOR SWIFT Should've Said No text-(-) instrument
TAYLOR SWIFT Stay Beautiful text5.0(1) piano notes
TAYLOR SWIFT Teardrops On My Guitar text-(-) lyric
TAYLOR SWIFT The Outside text-(-) piano forte
TAYLOR SWIFT Tied Together With A Smile text-(-) flute
TAYLOR SWIFT Tim McGraw text-(-) lyrics
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